Keep detailed instructions and a checklist at the end.

Where to get targeted traffic from
To promote a YouTube channel means to make it popular with the maximum number of target users.

Where can I get them from:

YouTube search results.
A block of similar (recommended) videos on YouTube.
The «Trending» section.
Video sorcerers in the search results of Yandex and Google.
The video is a quick response to the «zero» position in Google.
Social networks, mailing lists, own websites, other YouTube channels, etc
. Work on the promotion of the channel consists of three large blocks:

Optimize the entire channel and each video.
Free promotion: work with engagement, posting videos on the site and in social networks, email newsletters, collaboration with similar channels.
Paid promotion: advertising from bloggers and in Google Ads, seeding in social networks.
Where to start: analyze your niche
To begin with, study the videos in the top YouTube in your topic, note the interesting chips and weaknesses of competitors.

What to pay attention to
What types of videos prevail: reviews, unboxing, interviews, video instructions.
What is the average duration of the videos.
Who owns the channels-companies or bloggers.
What engaging techniques are used: discussions, contests, etc.
What interesting things are found in the comments. From the questions and comments of users, you can select undisclosed topics, suggestions, and suggestions.
Preparing the channel for promotion
Let’s list the basic work on the design of the channel, which can and should be done before extracting traffic for it.

1. Upload the icon and cover (banner). For the company’s channel, use the logo as an icon, and for the expert’s channel, use his photo:

How to promote a YouTube channel: instructions + checklist
Design a banner for the channel in a corporate style or use a suitable business image.

How to promote a YouTube channel: instructions + checklist
The cover of the PromoPult channel: the name, a brief description of the channel, advertising services, links to social networks and the site.

2. Post a description. This is a concise description of not only the channel, but also the business. Use content-relevant keywords (more on how to collect them later):

How to promote a YouTube channel: instructions + checklist
3. Follow the video specifications in the official YouTube guidelines.

4. Place their names and relevant images on the thumbnails (icons) of the videos.
5. Create playlists if the channel has a lot of videos on different topics. Playlists make it easier to navigate and encourage visitors to view more videos in the selection. You can group videos in different ways: products, genres (interviews, reviews, reviews, test drives), speakers, and so on.

How to promote a YouTube channel: instructions + checklist
Playlists on the PromoPult channel

6. Create sections — another element of organizing content on the channel. You can add individual videos and playlists to them.

How to promote a YouTube channel: instructions + checklist
Sections on the PromoPult channel

7. Place the trailer-a short video on the main page of the channel. It will be shown to new users who have not yet become subscribers. As a trailer, you can upload a commercial for a popular product or event.

How to promote a YouTube channel: instructions + checklist
Trailer on the channel

YouTube channel promotion: step-by-step instructions
Although no one knows for sure what factors YouTube ranks videos based on, some signals of the significance of the content have been identified experimentally. This:

matching a video to a search query;
link click-through rate (CTR);
number and average duration of views;
percentage of users who watched the video to the end;
number of subscriptions after watching the video;
commentator activity;
the number of video sharing in social networks;
the number of video embeddings on third-party resources;
number of links to videos from external sources;
the ratio of likes and dislikes;
adding videos to the playlist «Watch later»;
the overall authority of the channel — the number of popular videos, subscribers, likes.

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